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The mind needs frequent refreshment, what is known cannot be unknown.

- Jennifer Worth

Voices of the Elephant

Back in December of last year (2012), Cal Evans came down and invited several of us locals to join him on the Voices of the Elephant podcast series. We had a lot of fun and my episode suprisingly made it on the list.

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JQuery and keyboard events

One of the many things that can and will induce a headache instantly is working with keyboard events on the multiple browsers. Thankfully jQuery makes things seem a whole lot easier than they actually are. here is brief example

switch (event.keyCode) {
//ctrl key
case 17:
alert("key: ctrl");
//overide default event action
return false;

Note: The keycodes may be different across browsers and overiding the event action may did not work in ie8. For a keycode reference and test tool check out


A couple of months ago I run into this really cool presentation on TED about the use of images to create multidimensional spaces.

The actual images used in the presentation are from flickr and are all of the Notre Dame. Enjoy the presentation